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Model ER25 Earth Resistance Tester

The model ER25 Earth Tester is a digital, microprocessor controlled instrument that allows to measure the earth resistance and ground resistivity (using Wenner´s method), as well as to detect parasitic voltages present in the ground. This instrument is suitable to measure earth systems in power substations, industries, distribution networks, etc., according to IEC 61557-5.

It is also suitable for soil resistivity measurements, in order to optimize the earth systems project. It is a fully automatic and easy-to-operate. Before starting each measurement, the equipment will check that conditions are within appropriate limits and will notify the operator of any abnormality (too high interference voltage, too much resistance in test spikes, very low test current, etc). Then, it will look for the most suitable range and show measurement results in an alphanumeric display.

  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Ground resistivity (Wenner's method)
  • High Spurious voltage rejection
  • Spurious voltage rejection
  • 0.01 resolution
  • Up to 20 k Ω resistance range
  • Auto-range
  • Built-in memory
  • Built in printer
  • USB interface

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Model ER25K High Frequency Earth Resistance Tester

Model ER25K is used primarily for measuring earth resistance of transmission towers / electrical pylons to ensure the transmission of electrical power without interruptions.

The testing of the quality of the grounding of power transmission towers poses a serious problem as they are all electrically interconnected by Ground Wires which act as lightning rods, protecting the lines from atmospheric discharges. The ER25K Grounding Resistance Meter for high frequency performs fast, safe, and reliable grounding resistance measurement of each tower in a working transmission line without disconnecting the ground wire.

  • Used for the measurement of earth resistance of electricity pylons / transmission towers
  • Minimizes the influence of adjacent pylons, connected by the guard cable
  • Operation frequency 25 kHz
  • Resistance reading up to 300 Ω
  • Automatic current injection
  • Built-in memory and printer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth interface for remote control via a tablet

Download Our Brochure for detail specification

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