Cable Testing Accessories


Phenix Technologies offers:

  • Impulse Generators and Measurement SystemsDownload Now
  • Complete line of Temporary Cable Test Terminations, both Oil and Water typeDownload Now
  • Heat Cycling Test Sets for Inductive Heating of Cable SamplesDownload Now

Various design options within our complete line of Heat Cycling Test Sets include:

  • Output range of up to 7,500 Amps
  • Indoor/Outdoor units
  • Removable or closed core designs to facilitate ease in test setups.
  • Manual or Automated control packages are available with custom programming for specific applications.

Phenix Technologies LVTS Models:

  • SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier)
    • Solid state regulator which offers faster rise time and instantaneous return to zero.
    • The compact design for easy maneuverability.
    • A time tested, reliable and economical choice for many testing applications.
  • Regulator
    • Uses a separate column or toroidal regulator.
    • Produces a true sine wave over the full output range, operates at very low impedance.
    • Allows the flexibility for multiple taps on the regulator if needed for stacked transformers.

Phenix Technologies can implement a master-slave unit to expand testing capabilities for multiple units. Inductive compensation is available to lower input power and regulator size.

Depending on the following factors, we can recommend the specific model for your application:

  • Conductor type and cross-section
  • Insulation type and cross-section
  • Length of cable to be tested
  • Ambient and test temperatures
  • Time allowed to reach test temperature

The Phenix Technologies Advantage:

  • Customization options to meet your exact needs
  • Innovative solutions for any project
  • Optimum safety features
  • Over 40+ years' experience 
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification ensures the highest in-house quality controls in both the design and manufacturing process
  • Superior reliability and versatility for years of extended service life
  • Longest Warranty in the industry

50V, 5000A

50V, 3000A


Oil Cable Termination

Water Cable Termination

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